Union College invites PWC founder for Sexual Assault Awareness Week

Union College invites PWC founder for Sexual Assault Awareness Week


This past Thursday, Union students gathered on three separate occasions to hear from Jonathan Kalin.

Although the projector failed, the first discussion took place before a crowd of over 60 students. Kalin opened the discussion with, “I never thought I’d be doing sexual assault prevention work and since I’m a man nobody else did either. In the following hour, I plan to explain to you all to the best of my ability why this is so important to me and is important to all of us.” The discussion ended with some passionate students looking for next steps to build the Party With Consent movement on their campus.

Later in the evening, a smaller group of students gathered over dinner to go through the infamous “Introduction exercise” where participants are told to introduce themselves in 30 seconds without mentioning any people they know, places they’ve been, or work that they’ve done. This led to a broader conversation of how we objectify people based on what they are rather than who they are and how stereotyping exists on the spectrum of violence.

And finally, Kalin shared his Party With Consent story before nearly 100 Union College athletes. His end goal was to connect lessons of accountability in athletics to lessons of accountability in our community. “What I learned about accountability on the basketball court is directly connected to why I created Party With Consent.”

Interested in having Kalin, or another Party With Consent team member, speak at your campus? Reach out to us on our “Contact Us” page.

Interested in building a Party With Consent chapter in your community? Reach out to us on our “Contact Us” page!

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