Party With Consent Represented at The Feminist Dialogue’s #TheHive

Party With Consent Represented at The Feminist Dialogue’s #TheHive


On November 15th, alongside co-facilitator author of “Man Alive” Thomas Page McBee, Party With Consent founder Jonathan Kalin co-facilitated a riveting conversation about masculinity.

During the dialogue Kalin mentioned, “I see my work with Party With Consent as asking more questions than giving answers. Specifically with masculinity, I tend to ask questions as simple as ‘What does it mean to be a man?’ or when prompted, ‘Why is that ‘manly’? We pick up so many ideas about gender subconsciously through cultural norms, the media, and our peers that most struggle to remember where, when or how they learned these definitions. I’ve found this to be a more educative starting place than telling men about male privilege or sexism.”

#TheHive meets monthly and you can learn more about it and The Feminist Dialogue at their website (

Check out this article in the New York Times to learn more about McBee’s book “Man Alive” (

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