Party With Consent in D.C.



On June 2nd, Jonathan Kalin, founder of Party With Consent, was invited to the International Student House in Washington DC to speak about sexual assault prevention on college campuses. For what turned out to be a crowd of up to 40 grad school students, Kalin shared his story of how he came to working on Party With Consent starting the story from when he was 12 years old and finishing it with his visions for the future of Party With Consent.

The Q&A session ran an hour over the allotted time due to some exciting dialogue. The group asked some important and difficult questions, such as:

“Why are there so few men working on sexual assault prevention?”

“How does Party With Consent balance its awareness messages with its educational messages?”

“Have you thought about bringing the Party With Consent message to high schools?”

These questions seamlessly transitioned this formal talk into an informal conversation. The conversation included the state of gender-based violence in different countries, the current state of consent education in the United States, and the immediate results of the recent White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault.

Interested in having Kalin, or another Party With Consent team member, speak in your community? Reach out to us on our “Contact Us” page.

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