Party With Consent Founder Speaks to Colby College Freshmen


On August 28th, Jonathan Kalin spoke in front over 400 incoming Colby freshmen. The theme of Kalin’s talk was how his perspective on his own personal identity shifted over time. “When I first started college, I identified only as a basketball player…over the next four years, I realized I didn’t chose some of my most significant identities.”

Connecting these realizations to the founding of the Party With Consent movement, Kalin explained male privilege, as the luxury of remaining oblivious (as defined by Tim Wise). He went on to tell that he would have never come to this realization if it were not for the many strong women and survivors of sexual assault who were patient with his ignorance. He concluded, “Talk, listen, be genuine and authentic with people who identify differently from you. I promise you’ll learn something about yourself.”

Interested in having Kalin, or another Party With Consent team member, speak in your community? Reach out to us on our “Contact Us” page.

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