What’s Missing? NOMORE.org interviews Party With Consent on what’s missing from the talk about sexual assault.

In an interview with the team from NOMORE, Party With Consent founder, Jonathan Kalin, reflects on how society talks about sexual assault, and, more specifically, what’s missing from that conversation.

In the interview Jonathan reflects on ideas like, Closing the reality gap:

“When I’m talking to guys about sexual assault on campus, a lot of them say: ‘Does this even happen here?’ It’s important to get the truth out—sexual violence does happen on college campuses—to build empathy. Women aren’t simply whining when they say they’re unsafe.

and not treating sex as a commodity:

“We talk about ‘giving’ or ‘getting’ consent for sex. This commodifies our bodies and our sexuality: I ‘give’ someone money to ‘get’ food at the dining hall. I want to change the conversation around consent, from giving and getting to creating consent. It’s not about ‘scoring’ or hitting a ‘home run.’ For the sexual culture to change, the language needs to change, too.”

The full interview can be found here.

NOMORE is an organization focused on ending sexual assault and domestic violence through spreading awareness and promoting constructive conversation. Their website can be found here.

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