Party With Consent featured at R Culture the Play

Party With Consent featured at R Culture the Play


Party With Consent was fortunate to be featured at R Culture the Play! The performance shined a light on how pervasive rape culture is throughout our day to day lives. To learn more about R Culture the Play check out their website at

PWC founder, Jonathan Kalin, was a part of an incredible “talk-back” amongst many other amazing sexual assault prevention/anti-sexist professionals. Kalin spoke about a scene from the play with a football coach and two players. The coach was telling his players to go out and “dominant” the other team. Kalin explained his particularly strong connection to this scene, “the scene between the football coach and the two players sent a particularly powerful message. Athletics teach young boys team work, self-discipline, and leadership, yet there are subtle messages in athletics that teach young people dominance, embarrassing others, and making everything a competition. Our culture has highlighted the positive lessons plenty, but we often neglect to bring up the negative lessons until we have to (see Domestic Violence in the NFL).”

Thank you to the R Culture team for including Party With Consent in your amazing performance!

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