Interview with Fritz Parker

Interview with Fritz Parker

The other day we had the pleasure of being able to do a quick interview one of Party With Consent’s past contributors, David (Fritz) Parker. For those who don’t know Fritz, you can check out his profile on the PWC Contributors page! He has done some incredible work for Party With Consent in the past and we’re grateful for getting the chance to work with him.

How did you first get involved with PWC?

As part of a blogging project for a crowdfunding startup, I had the occasion to interview Jonathan about his experience in a student pitch competition. I dug the idea of Party With Consent, and was instantly wanted to help out.

What does PWC mean to you?

PWC means bringing the message of sexual violence prevention to the people. It means breaking down the barriers between activists and everyone else, and fighting the assumption that people who care about preventing sexual violence are anti-fun, anti-men or anti-parties.

If you could have any substance come out of your belly button, what would it be?

Water. Water is good.

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