Here’s Something We Can Both Enjoy

Once again The Good Men Project hits us all with some knowledge. Harris O’Malley‘s piece, “It’s Okay to Want Sex” addresses a touchy issue in the best way.

In his own words, “I wasn’t seeing sex – or romance, for that matter – in terms of ‘here’s a fun thing we can both enjoy’, I was seeing it as ‘what do I have to do to get you to sleep with me.’ It was an adversarial process – one encouraged by society at large – and one that simultaneously demonized and praised male sexuality while insisting that female sexuality was less important, if it existed at all.”

This the essence of Party With Consent.

Relationships aren’t games where one party wins and one party loses. A Relationship, sexual or otherwise, is a culmination of the interactions and emotions you share with another human being. And our relationships become beautiful when together both parties get more than what they once had. It’s not a zero sum game.

When we collectively celebrate these relationships, we are partying. And when we feel safe together the better partying we can do. The good times are better. The stories are better. The memories are better.

Party With Consent promotes positive partying and enthusiastic consent at high schools, colleges, universities, and other communities. Check out our sweet tanks and why we believe Party With Consent works.

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