Consent in College

An opinion piece from The Cornell Daily Sun, outlines the current issue of sexual assault at colleges and universities across the country.

In her piece “Sex, Alcohol, and Clear Consent“, authors Mary Beth Grant and Cynthia Grant Bowman explain the issue phenomenally in their opening paragraph,

“We assume that everyone reading this article has no plan to sexually assault anyone and would be horrified to think that sexual behavior in which he or she engaged could be considered over the line that divides good fun for all participants from sexual assault. Yet every year people engage in sexual assault at Cornell. Not all cases are reported, but the victims of the sexual assaults show up at Gannett’s Victim’s Advocate, or talk to doctors and RAs about what happened, or work with the counseling center, or take leaves to get away for a bit.”

And there is no doubt that many other college campuses have the same issue.

Party With Consent can bring a positive reinforcement to your campus’s party culture. We agree that at college, there are very few, if any, students who wake up and say, “I’m going to rape someone tonight,” and truly mean it.

That is why we believe Party With Consent works. Through buying a tank and donning it when you go out on the weekend, you immediately become part of the solution to a problem that affects so many every year. It simply acts as a reminder to check your actions and a reminder to remember your own right to consent.

Join the movement!

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