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Party With Consent Teams Up with More than “No” to Launch First PSA

At the End of January, Party With Consent launched its first PSA. It all started with PWC supporter Madeline Harris said her organization More than “No” would love to collaborate on a PSA. And after many meetings, the rest is history! Check it out below and share it on your social networks if you’re as pumped about the message as we are. And we pretty pumped. Cuz we, like, made it. платья оптом купить реєстрація логотипу податкова... read more

Party With Consent Highlighted in The Atlantic Monthly

We are extremely thankful to be featured in the December/January Atlantic Magazine. Check out the link here ( We had to pinch ourselves when reading the fourth paragraph, detailing Michael Kimmel’s goals in creating the Center for the Study of Men and Masculinties at SUNY Stony Brook, “For his part, Kimmel, who is the founder of Stony Brook’s new Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities, says he hopes to “increase the [Party With Consent efforts]” in the world. More specifically, he is preparing to survey college campuses across the country in order to discover the best male-oriented efforts to prevent sexual assault, and then replicate them nationwide. As the group discusses ways of discouraging sexual misconduct, he suggests that young men are reluctant to give up the traditional notion of being a man. “I can’t sell this idea to men—the end of manhood. They’re sitting there going, ‘It’s the only thing I got!’ ” He is practically shouting in his Brooklyn accent, grabbing at his water bottle as if it were a symbol of embattled manliness. “ ‘You’re going to tell me to throw this away? I’ll have nothing!’ ” Michael Kimmel’s work has been a foundation of our work at Party With Consent since day 1. платье оптом украина регистрация логотипа оскарження податкового повідомлення... read more

One step at a time

By: Sydney Giller “It starts with one,” Jared, the Resident Director for a first residence hall here at Union, told us. “You get one person here and you change one life. The next time they bring one person and two becomes four and then six and so on.” Collectively that was the hardest thing for the four of us to hear, and by four of us I mean three of my closest friends and myself, the newly formed Committee on Consent Education and Awareness. We had and still have one goal, to stop sexual assault. Tying up our hair in our red and white polka dot Rosie the Riveter headbands we pushed our sleeves up and put together the first annual Sexual Assault Awareness Week (SAAW). Weeks prior to this were spent scheduling meetings at 10 O’clock at night, calling speakers, making flyers, and reaching out to the entire student body. Filling the schedule became the trickiest part; to kick it off we reached out to a friend with a black belt in tae-kwon-do asking her to teach a self-defense class. This was going to be the start to the week that changed our lives. Sexual Assault and Consent in the LGBTQ community was then planned and lead by the student run group SAFE (Student Allies For Equality). The next day was a showing of the documentary Brave Miss World held in our campus auditorium. That day marked the third day of SAAW, the 496th cup of coffee consumed, and the third consecutive day of no sleep. That day told us everything we needed to know about being an... read more


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Jonathan Kalin

Jonathan Kalin

Founder & Executive Director

Jonathan Kalin is Founder and Executive Director of Party With Consent. He created the movement as a Sophomore at Colby College through the organization Male Athletes Against Violence. His work has been recognized by The Huffington Post, TEDx, the Clinton Global Initiative University, the Clinton Foundation, Seventeen Magazine, The Guardian, MasculinityU, BK Nation, and Time Magazine. He loves celebrating with a team.

Omari Matthew

Omari Matthew

Publicity Director

Born and raised in The Bronx, N.Y., Omari Matthew is a graduate of Colby College where he majored in Biology with a concentration in Ecology and Evolution. Early in his college career, Omari recognized the importance of exploring multiculturalism, and that realization has manifested itself into a passion for social justice. Today, Omari works for Party With Consent as its Publicity Director, helping spread the message of consent as far as he can.


Check out the PDF outline below of our initial 3 hour PWC workshop. We have used this on multiple college campuses and it is a great way to mobilize your student group and begin amplifying the message of your sexual violence prevention group! Hit us up on the Contact Us page if you have any questions or would like to bring a PWC member to your campus.

Party With Consent 3 hour workshop


Tom Abare supported Party With Consent in its infancy through his effort in Male Athletes Against Violence. Always donning his tank proudly, he played a big role in putting together the first PWC party at Colby. Tom is currently a senior at Colby and an offensive lineman for the Colby Football Team.

Anoush Arakelian helped bring the Party With Consent movement to Darthmouth University. If you see Party With Consent tanks on Dartmouth College’s campus, it’s because of Anoush. She spearheaded developing the movement there before her graduation this past May. She’s currently working for IBM Watson.

Not only was Eric Barthold (Colby College ’12) the Co-Founder of Male Athletes Against Violence (MAAV), the group that Party With Consent came out of, he was also a huge help in the creation and execution of PWC’s first couple of events. He is currently doing work surrounding healthy masculinity through his organization “Man Up and Open Up.”

Morgan Bookheimer brought the Party With Consent to Cornell’s campus in 2013. If you see a PWC tank there, it’s because of her! She’s currently studying for her Master’s at Teacher’s College at Columbia University, she aspires to change the world through nutrition.

Matt Cheever was sole participant in the first ever Party With Consent meeting other than founder, Jonathan Kalin. They both recall a difficult conversation over size breakdown of the first batch of PWC because their height disparity (Cheever is 6’7”!). Cheever currently works a Park Ranger in New Jersey.

Connor Clancy was an instrumental part of the building the Party With Consent movement during its infancy at Colby College. He regularly attended meetings and most tangibly created the first ever Party With Consent stickers. In addition to all of this, Connor also wrote a powerful petition about the Stubenville Rape Cases, which gained over 67,000 signatures and national attention! Connor is currently a senior at Colby, where he is captain of the Football team.

Jonathan Eichholz was a huge part of Party With Consent’s organizational team in the 2012-13 academic year. In the 2013-14 academic year, he served as President of Mules Against Violence (formerly Male Athletes Against Violence). During his time with PWC, he was part of the Clinton Global Initiative University team, and he created several PWC poster memes, with his best work being the ever so popular: “I don’t always party, but when I do it’s with consent.”

Jason Hua brought PWC to Swarthmore through his Frat starting last year. He’s been seeking innovative ways to amplify the healthy voice of sexual assault prevention on his campus. If you see PWC there, it’s because of him! Jason is currently a Senior at Swat studying Chemisty and captaining the Squash team.

Sarah Hunter helped pioneer the Party With Consent movement at Denison University between 2013-14, and is currently a senior there. She has also written for the blog in the past, composing an awesome piece on the disempowering nature of the term “Non-Consensual Sex.”

A bit after Party With Consent’s creation, Nick LaRovere became a central member of the organizational team during the 2012-13 academic year. In addition to his leadership, he co-founded the musical group Party With Consent Crew (PWCC) where he would go on to create hits like “Integrity is a Colby Value” and “Colby Date Night.” He is currently a senior at Colby.

In the Spring of 2014, David (Fritz) Parker called in to Party With Consent to looking for a interview during his internship at Launcht. Afterwards, Fritz agreed to blog for us, as well. And we’re sure happy he did! Our favorite being “The Need for Student Involvement.” Fritz is a Senior at Middlebury and captain of the Track & Field team.

Allen Song spread consent awareness at Carnegie Mellon University. If you see one of our tanks there it’s because of him! He currently is in his second year working at PNC Bank in Pittsburgh.